Rosie Alonso, managing principal of Play it Safe Consulting has more than 20 years experience in the consumer products industry. Rosie has partnered with companies of all sizes and industries and has dedicated her career to helping them play it safe

Passionate about building safety into the design of every product Rosie relies on her years in both product safety and product development to apply real life expectations to products.

“I look at product from a different angle – what is the customer’s expectation of this product? Is it safe? Does it work? Does it function as intended? For how long? Is there a safer alternative to the design or materials that can be used? Will it pass testing? At what cost? Is there a less costly alternative?”

Rosie brings a keen understanding of the internal product development process to her clients from extensive travel to Asia to working directly with manufacturers in the toy, gift, housewares, apparel and confectionery industries.

Rosie works with each client individually to help them understand what regulatory standards apply to their product and takes them step-by-step through the process so they gain a knowledge base that they can apply to future projects.

“My goal is to be a critical resource for clients who need guidance in the product safety field.”

Work with us and Play it Safe!